Are You Ready to Test Your Knowledge?

Are You Ready to Test Your Knowledge?

Posted on 09-06-2020 by Hendrik Jan Wiltjer

Thank you for taking the Affiliate Quiz! There is one promoter with a 100% score: congratulations Arif, you've won the Traffic Company goodie bag! You will be notified by e-mail and we will send these prizes to you as soon as possible.

Are you curious how many questions you've answered correctly? Below you can find all correct answers of the Affiliate Quiz.

Are you our most knowledgeable promoter? Do you know everything about Affiliate Marketing? Take our Affiliate Quiz to find out! We are going to raffle a goodie bag full of prizes between our most knowledgeable promoters.

What Can You Win?

You can win the following goodie bag: a Zens Wireless Smartphone Charger, an Amazon Echo Dot for your home, a 4GB USB stick, Traffic Company keychain, smartphone holder, ballpoint and of course the famous Traffic Company sunglasses!

How Can You Win?

Answer all 20 questions from our Affiliate Quiz correctly. You can submit by sending your answers to us by e-mail and we will raffle this great package of prizes between all participants who are able to answer all 20 questions correctly. Make sure to send us your answers before the end date of June 25th!

The Affiliate Quiz

Question 1: What is the correct promotion URL of Traffic Company?


Question 2: When did affiliate marketing first start?

A) 1984
B) 1989
C) 1995

Question 3: Where is Traffic Company based?

A) North-Holland
B) In the North of Holland
C) South-Holland

Question 4: VAS stands for:

A) Value-Added Services
B) Video As Services
C) Visual And Strong

Question 5: Traffic Company has its own inhouse offers, that makes Traffic Company:

A) A Publisher
B) An Advertiser
C) A Webmaster

Question 6: If you send 8.000 clicks and you have 60 conversions what is your conversion rate?

A) 0.44%
B) 0.65%
C) 0.75%

Question 7: If you send 78.220 clicks and you make €3.148,- revenue what would be your ECPM?

A) €4,25
B) €40,25
C) €400,25

Question 8: What was the first mobile phone with internet access?

A) Nokia 9000 Communicator
B) BlackBerry 9700
C) iPhone 1

Question 9: When was the very first (prototype) smartphone developed?

A) 1992
B) 1997
C) 2001

Question 10: What is a postback url?

A) A URL which is used for promotion
B) A URL which is used as a testing domain
C) A URL that an affiliate network server calls when a conversion is tracked.

Question 11: IVR stands for:

A) Interactive Voice Response
B) International Virtual response
C) Intercontinental Voice reaction

Question 12: Most of the Mobile CPA offers are on DCB, which is also called:

C) Both

Question 13: How do you call a landing page that is placed before an offer and is meant to increase conversion rates?

A) Postlander
B) Prelander
C) Moonlander

Question 14: Which one of the following three metrics should always be as low as possible?

A) Click-Through Rate
B) Conversion Rate
C) Bounce Rate

Question 15: Which of the following countries has the most GSM Networks (Mobile Carriers)?

A) United Arab Emirates
B) Afghanistan
C) Austria

Question 16: How can you run Click2Call offers with Traffic Company?

A) Only on CPA
B) Only on Rev Share
C) Both

Question 17: What was the predecessor of the internet in the ’70s?

A) Arphonet
B) Arpanet
C) Ethernet

Question 18: On what date was the first spam e-mail successfully sent to 400 people?

A) 3 May 1978
B) 3 January 1975
C) 3 Feb 1974

Question 19: Which is the most profitable offer:

A) CPA = €5,22 / Clicks = 155.000 / Conversion = 0,6%
B) CPA = €3,46 / Clicks = 178.000 / Conversion = 0,9%

Question 20: What is one of the functions of third party cookies in affiliate marketing?

A) For eating
B) For tracking and attributing affiliate sales
C) For fun

Are you sure all 20 questions are correctly answered? Send us your list of answers by e-mail before June 25th!

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