The Importance of Using the Correct Source Type

The Importance of Using the Correct Source Type

Posted on 06-06-2016 by Wouter Groenewoud

When creating a promotion in your Dashboard you've probably noticed that we ask you to enter a source type for your offer. To understand why we need this information it is important to know a little bit about the inner workings of the Traffic Company.

Smart links

Traffic Company utilizes smart links. While a direct link will always send your traffic to the same offer, a smart link will automatically send your traffic to the offer with the best ECPM.

Our system can do this because it classifies all incoming traffic based on various parameters such as country, carrier, operating system, device and even the current time. These parameters are run through an advanced algorithm that determines what offer has the highest chance to convert the visitor.

Source type

We are continuously analyzing all data collected from your traffic to determine the offer with the best ECPM based on every one of these parameters. So the more information we can gather from your traffic, the better the system will perform.

But while we can gather a lot of important information from your traffic, we cannot detect how your traffic got there. Did you use a banner in your campaign, or maybe a pop-under or JavaScript redirect?

This is unfortunate, since our tests have shown that the source type of your traffic has a huge impact on the performance of your promotion. Some offers perform significantly better with redirect traffic, while other offers perform better with banner traffic.

So, in conclusion, we don't only need this information to send your traffic to the best converting offers, but setting the correct source type will actually improve overall performance across all offers. That is why we always recommend you to set the correct source type for your promotion!

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