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At Traffic Company we are driven to get you the maximum conversion from your traffic. Stop wasting your traffic and start converting!

14.000 Active users

There are over fourteen thousand active affiliates using our traffic redistribution system.

$23.5M Paid out last year

Last year we’ve paid out over twenty-three and a half million dollars to our affiliates.

45.000 Listed offers

We offer a large collection of exclusive offers in many different product categories.

195+ Connected countries

Our extensive collection of offers allows us to provide worldwide coverage.

Why Traffic Company?

Traffic Company offers a platform that converts your mobile and desktop traffic through performance-based marketing (CPA, CPL, CPS). We are able to convert worldwide by making use of our own offers mixed with some hand-picked exclusive offers from third parties.

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In-house developed offers

Traffic Company’s offer pool contains many offers developed in-house. By removing the middle man we can get you the highest payouts possible.

Automatic optimization

Our powerful algorithm compares a wide array of user data (like country, mobile carrier, device etc.) to find the best converting offer.

Reliable (weekly) payouts

Select your preferred payout method and we will make sure of a timely payout. You can also choose your own payout schedule, including weekly payouts!

5% referral bonus

Want to earn something extra with minimal effort? Receive an extra 5% of the revenue of each user that signs up through your unique referral link.*
* Terms & Conditions apply

Dedicated account manager

Your dedicated Traffic Company account manager will help you get started and provides you with useful tips and insights.

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